Our Curriculum

We believe that every child has the potential to achieve and we ensure this through our rich and varied curriculum and the structured teaching of key skills particularly in Literacy and Numeracy, matched to the needs of each child.

Literacy and Numeracy skills are taught daily and are used across the whole curriculum. All children have reading, writing and maths targets for each half term and these are essential stepping stones in their progress.

Children are taught through termly themes, which bring learning to life, with regular experiences, trips, visits and visitors to enhance classroom practice. The themes tend to have a key focus of history, geography or science and draw in other subjects, particularly the arts, as they link to the topic.

Although our curriculum aims to combine experiences with knowledge and understanding of key skills and concepts for all foundation subjects through termly themes, some subjects or topics need to be taught discretely. Therefore, to compliment our talented class teachers who deliver most of the curriculum, we also have a specialist art teacher, who teaches art throughout the school. RE is delivered during assemblies and in separate lessons, as is French, which is taught throughout the school by introducing children to basic language skills in a fun and lively way.

We are very lucky to have a variety of easily accessible sports facilities. Our staff work with local coaches and sports groups, to provide an excellent PE curriculum and each child has the opportunity of a term’s swimming lessons at Beaufort Swimming Pool. We hold the Silver Mark for School Sports and were one of the first schools to be accredited with the Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning Award. Our curriculum also aims to develop the whole child and as such includes elements such as mindfulness, peer massage, work on understanding emotional well-being and mental health through our PHSCE curriculum and support from our Pastoral Team.

We pride ourselves on the range of learning activities available for our children and wherever possible include opportunities for collaborative work with other schools and our partners in the South Gloucester Learning Trust. Our work with the local community and a range of charities help children to understand their own place within society and we have strong links with the churches within the parish.

Look in the Year group folders to see what the curriculum looks like for your child this term.


Whole School Curriculum Themes Overview

Key Skills

HJS Literacy Key Skills 2017

HJS Maths Key Skills 2017

HJS Art & Design Key Skills 2016

HJS D&T Key Skills 2016

HJS Computing key skills 2016

HJS GEOGRAPHY Key Skills 2016

HJS HISTORY Key skills 2016

HJS MFL Key Skills 2016

HJS Music Key skills 2016

HJS P.E Key skills 2016

HJS RE Key Skills 2016

HJS Science Key skills 2016