Year Groups

Year 3

This term our theme of learning is Rock ‘n’ Roll which has a history focus on the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. The children will be learning about rocks and soils, fossils and magnetism in science. The children will be looking at pre – historic artefacts and discovering what life was like during that period. We have a Stone Age day experience where the children will be making shelters, creating fires and gathering food. All learning will be underpinned with our purple learning strategy and the school will be enjoying a whole school mental health fortnight.

Y3 Parent Overview Spring Rock and Roll 2022


Year 3 Spellings Spring Term 1 2022

Year 3 Spellings Spring Term 2 2022

Year 4

This Autumn Term, our year 4 topic will be Deadly Disasters. The children will be learning about; the continents, the location of major seas, oceans and rivers of the world, as well as natural disasters and how they occur. Additionally, we will focus on pressing issues in the world today such as global warming. We will be reading ‘When the Mountains Roared’ as our class reader, alongside other rich texts to enhance the vocabulary of the children and immerse them in the topic. In Science, we will be studying the water-cycle and reversible and irreversible changes of state. The children will enjoy a variety of enrichment experiences, such as a visit Daniel’s Brook to see how the flood defensives have benefitted Gloucester since the floods of 2007, a visit from Canal and Water Trust to learn about water safety and a trip to Skill-Zone during Mental Health fortnight.

Parent Overview Spring 2022 Year 4 Deadly Disasters


Spelling Planning Spring 1 2022

Year 5

This term we will be detective historians and archaeologists delving back in time to discover and understand our ancestors, the Anglo-Saxons. We will explore the reasons for their
migration and the places in which they settled in Britain. Our key focus will be their settlement of Gloucester, which was captured and settled by the Anglo-Saxons around AD
577 and a place which the Anglo-Saxons used as the head of the district. In English we will through drama and writing follow the story of the great hero Beowulf (from the Anglo-Saxon Poem of Beowulf), create some mysterious Saxon riddles and write our own archaeologist reports from our investigations of the Anglo-Saxon burial site found near Cirencester. Through science and design technology, we will be investigating the properties of different materials and designing and making our own Anglo-Saxon money bags.

Y5 Parent Overview Autumn Term 2021-2022


Year 5 Term 1A Overview

Year 6

Our topic this term is largely science and PSHE based, as we explore the most incredible machine – the human body. We will start by learning about the organs of our body, our body systems and everything that we can do to keep our bodies working well. We will also be learning about how different substances effect our body and healthy choices that we can make. Later in the term we will discuss how our bodies change as we grow up and human reproduction. In a secondary topic, we will be travelling across the Severn Seas as we read the famous Treasure Island and start our Pirate Anthologies. Over the term, we will explore a range of writing genres, all with a pirate theme. This always proves to be an exciting topic and we look forward to reading the wonderful writing that our talented young authors produce.

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