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Year 3

‘Tomb Raiders’ is the Year 3 Summer topic based on the Ancient Egyptians.  Children will be delving into the history of the ancient civilisation by visiting Bristol museum and handling artefacts both replica and authentic!  In Literacy, they will; create their own Egyptian glossaries and they will experience their very own ‘discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb’ and write newspaper reports based on it.  In addition to our learning theme, we have an Enrichment week planned full of exciting activities linked to famous scientists.  Our class story book is ‘Secrets of a Sun King’ by Emma Carroll.


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Year 4

Glorious Glevum:

This term, Year 4 are travelling back in time to 753BC, to experience what life was like during the Roman Era. To kick start our topic, we will experience first-hand a Roman fortress in Caerleon. This includes visiting the Roman amphitheatre (which is one of the best preserved in Britain). The children stand on the very ground that the 5500 legionary soldiers once walked on. This experience will also provide children with the understanding of what life was like for a Roman soldier – looking at their barracks, armoury and medical facilities. The children are also provided with the opportunity to visit the Roman baths, where they can research the equipment used here and gain an insight into why Romans bathed here. In Literacy, the children will be completing a range of different genres, including: descriptive writing based on a Roman Myth, a non chronological report about the digestive system (linking to their work in science), persuasive gladiator arguments and instructional writing about Roman roads. We will be looking at Roman legacy, focussing particularly on Glevum (Gloucester), which was a very important Roman town. We will look at a range of historical and geographical sources to draw our own conclusions. To end our theme, we will be holding our very own Roman day, where we will be making pizzas (a traditional Roman food) and taking part in Roman games. The children will be able to dress up as somebody from the Roman period, whether this is a Roman soldier or Boudicca herself!

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Year 5

We will be shooting into space to investigate such topics as: our solar system, the phases of the moon and how we have night and day. We will be researching the history of space exploration, learning facts about Neil Armstrong’s moon landing and Tim Peake’s recent adventures on the International Space Station.

Geography will take us on a study of some features of the USA where our art work will be inspired by the pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. In computing, we will be using Scratch to create a space themed quiz.

Our class reader will be Boy in the Tower by Polly Ho-Yen and we will be using this to inspire much of our writing. Later in the term, we will visit “We the curious” (formally @Bristol) to experience the solar system in 3D and explore the interactive exhibits.

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Year 6

This term we travel back in time and across the Atlantic Ocean to explore Mexico and Central America during the rule of the Mysterious Mayan civilisation. Once familiarising ourselves with a Mayan timeline and using our map skills to locate the countries where Mayan civilisation developed, we will be learning about their daily lives, religion, diet and much more.

In addition to this, we will be taking a trip a little closer to home, as we learn about the life-changing research of Dr Edward Jenner. Linked with our science focus on microorganisms, we will be learning all about his amazing discovery and the impact that this has had on our lives today. We will also be conducting several experiments to investigate the effect of helpful and harmful bacteria.

When we are not busy exploring new places and travelling back in time, we shall be showing off our writing skills and challenging ourselves with complex mathematical reasoning. There will also be plenty of P.E to keep ourselves fit and healthy, as well opportunities for art, design, music and much more. Whatever the term may bring, it certainly won’t be short of excitement.

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