Year Groups

Year 3

This term our theme of learning is Rock ‘n’ Roll which has a history focus on the Stone Age period. The children will be learning about rocks and soils, fossils and magnetism in science. The children will be designing and making Iron Age roundhouses and discovering what life was like during that period. We hope to have a Stone Age day experience where the children will be making shelters, creating fires and gathering food. All learning will be underpinned with our purple learning strategy and the school will be enjoying a whole school mental health fortnight.

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Year 4

Deadly Disasters – Throughout the spring term, our studies will be focussed around worldwide natural disasters. Geography and Science will drive this topic forward, involving map work
skills and local studies, which will include a trip to Daniel’s brook where we will look closely at the preventative measures that have been implemented by the local council following the floods of 2007. Also, we will investigate the processes within the hydrological cycle (including states of matter); learn how tectonic plates cause volcanic eruptions, devastating earthquakes and terrifying tsunamis. The end celebration of our topic will be our ‘Eco-Warrior’ extravaganza, in which the children will design and create a wearable product out of recyclable materials. The children will be writing their own persuasive letters to the Local MP’s to persuade them of ways to enforce environmental changes to reduce global warming. Through computing, the children will be using a program called Scratch to create their own maze games.

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Year 5

Blast Off! – We will be shooting into space to investigate such topics as: our solar system, the phases of the moon and how we have night and day. There will be research of the
history of space exploration, learning facts about Neil Armstrong’s moon landing and Tim Peake’s adventures on the International Space Station. We will be reading and writing Science Fiction stories, designing leaflets to persuade the public to visit a science museum and creating our own space poetry. Geography will take us on a study of some features of the USA and our art work will be inspired by the pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. In computing, we will be focussing on developing our skills by using Desktop Publishing and Excel. In PE we will be practising our gymnastics skills and creating a Space-themed dance. It’s going to be a busy, action–packed term so let’s be ready to Blast Off!

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Year 6

Our topic this term is largely science and PSHE based, as we explore the most incredible machine – the human body. We will start by learning about the organs of our body, our body systems and everything that we can do to keep our bodies working well. We will also be learning about how different substances effect our body and healthy choices that we can make. Later in the term we will discuss how our bodies change as we grow up and human reproduction. In a secondary topic, we will be travelling across the Severn Seas as we read the famous Treasure Island and start our Pirate Anthologies. Over the term, we will explore a range of writing genres, all with a pirate theme. This always proves to be an exciting topic and we look forward to reading the wonderful writing that our talented young authors produce.

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