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Year 3

‘Tomb Raiders’ is the Year 3 Summer topic based on the Ancient Egyptians. Children will be delving into the history of the ancient civilisation by visiting Bristol museum and handling artefacts both replica and authentic! In Literacy, they will; create their own Egyptian glossaries and they will experience their very own ‘discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb’ and write newspaper reports based on it. Our class story book is ‘Secrets of a Sun King’ by Emma Carroll.

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Year 4

This Summer Term, our year 4 topic will be Glorious Glevum. The children will be learning about the Romans with a specific focus on Gloucester and local history. We will also study how the Romans invaded and ruled over most of Europe. We will be reading ‘The Thieves of Ostia’ as our class reader, alongside other rich texts to enhance the vocabulary of the children and immerse them in the topic. In Science, we will be studying teeth, the digestive system and food chains. The children will enjoy a variety of enrichment experiences, such as a visit to Gloucester Museum for a Roman experience, a trip on the Boadicea to consolidate historical and geographical learning from the year and the annual ‘Roman Day’.


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Year 5

As part of our Summer term topic work we will return to the Saxon period, and learn about the Vikings, who began raiding our shores during the 8th Century. We will investigate the struggle for dominance and power that followed when the Vikings decided to settle in Britain. Further we will build a picture of how the Saxons and Vikings through the agreement of Danelaw managed, for the most part to coexist, with the eventual dominance of the Saxon King Alfred the Great and Athelstan. In English we will through, drama and writing explore the savage Viking raid on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne in AD793. We will be writing diary recounts of the attack, imagining that we are one of the monks, who having managed to escape and hide, witnessed the terrible scene that unfolded on that day. In Science we will be studying plant and animal life cycles and how humans change as they develop.

Raiders and Invaders Overview 2021-2022


Year 5 Term 3B Overview

Year 6

Our topic this term is Science based, as we explore the life and work of the pioneering naturalist, geologist and biologist Charles Darwin. We will investigate the history of the discovery of the evolution of life: exploring the work of the incredible scientists who came before Darwin and how their amazing discoveries and work allowed Darwin to develop his theory over time. We will move on to the classification and identification of animals based on their characteristics, and see how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment and understanding that these adaptations may lead to evolution. We will be able to recognise that living things produce offspring of the same kind, and will have features inherited from the parents, but are not identical and vary from each other. Finally, we will explore how fossils are created and how they provided us with evidence of what lived on the Earth millions of years ago and provided evidence to support the theory of evolution. In Geography, we will follow in the footsteps of Darwin and travel to the spellbinding Galapagos Islands – the volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean considered one of the world’s foremost destinations for wildlife-viewing.

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