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Year 3

This Autumn term, year 3 will be studying ‘Jungle Fever’ as their topic linked to the rainforest. They will be learning about plants and animals that live in the Brazilian rainforests. Children will learn the location, the climate and also consider deforestation and fair trade issues. We will be reading ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ and our class story will be ‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell. In Science, we will investigate factors that help plants grow and will be looking at the parts of plants and flowers. We will have ‘Jonathon’s Jungle Experience’ visiting our classrooms and sharing some exotic rainforest creatures!

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Year 4

This Autumn Term brings a brand new topic to year 4 – Eureka! That Eureka moment is exactly what we want, as children explore the realms of the Ancient Greeks. Examining where and when the Greeks lived, will place them in an historical and geographical context of time and place, correlating with significant parallel events in the world. An influential people from history, children will find out about their gods, their democratic principles and ancient philosophers. They will track back in time to discover how history changed the Greeks and how the Greeks changed history. To make the people come to life, we will look at their clothing, food and costumes. More fun and learning will take place as the children examine the principles of the labyrinth and construct their own labyrinth games.
Greek mythology will yield the tale of Pandora’s Box via Literacy, which will extend in to exploring Pandora’s dilemma, and in so doing create a balanced argument. Many other aspects of Greek life and legacy will make this a term, a term to remember!

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Year 5

Invaders and Settlers
For this theme we will become archaeologists, discovering facts about our ancestors; the Anglo-Saxons. Gloucester has a rich history of Saxon settlement, which we will explore. It is hoped that we will receive a visitor from Gloucester Cathedral to enlighten us with more exciting tales from Saxon life in the city. Through drama and writing, we will follow the story of the great hero Beowulf, retelling our own tales of heroes and villains to share around the fire. We will be creating mysterious Anglo-Saxon riddles too. Through science and design technology, we will be investigating the properties of different materials in order to design and make Saxon jewellery and clothing. It’s going to be a busy time!

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Year 6

This term we travel back in time and across Europe to explore the Middle East during the Golden Age of ancient Islamic civilisation. Once familiarising ourselves with a timeline of historical periods and using our map skills to locate the countries of the Middle East, we will be learning about the daily lives, achievements and legacy of this Golden Age.
In addition to this, we will be taking a trip a little closer to home, as we learn about the life-changing research of Dr Edward Jenner. We will be learning all about his amazing discovery and the impact that this has had on our lives today – which is of particular importance during the current climate. Also in science, we will be learning and light and electricity; conducting many experiments and investigations along the way.
When we are not busy exploring new places and travelling back in time, we shall be showing off our writing skills and challenging ourselves with complex mathematical reasoning. There will also be plenty of P.E to keep ourselves fit and healthy, as well opportunities for art, design, music and much more. Whatever the term may bring, it certainly won’t be short of excitement.

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