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Year 3

‘Tomb Raiders’ is the Year 3 Summer topic based on the Ancient Egyptians.  Children will be delving into the history of the ancient civilisation and handling artefacts both replica and authentic in lessons!  We will learn about the importance of the river Nile, both in ancient and modern day Egypt.  In Literacy, they will; create their own Egyptian glossaries and they will experience their very own ‘discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb’ and write newspaper reports based on it.  Our class story book is ‘Secrets of a Sun King’ by Emma Carroll.

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Year 4

Glorious Glevum:

This term, Year 4 are travelling back in time to 753BC, to experience what life was like during the Roman Era. To kick start our topic, we will experience first-hand the Roman remains in our very own city! This visit includes two workshops one to help them understand what life was like for a Roman soldier – looking at armoury and medical facilities. The children are also provided with the opportunity to visit the Roman remains under Eastgate shopping centre. They will also explore artefacts related to Roman domestic life to help gain an insight into how they lived their everyday lives.

In Literacy, the children will be completing a range of different genres, including: descriptive writing based on a Roman Myth, an explanation text about the digestive system (linking to their work in science), persuasive gladiator arguments and instructional writing about Roman roads. We will be looking at Roman legacy, focussing particularly on Glevum (Gloucester), which was a very important Roman town. We will look at a range of historical and geographical sources to draw our own conclusions. To end our theme, we will be holding our very own Roman day, where we will be making pizzas (a traditional Roman food) and taking part in Roman games. The children will be able to dress up as somebody from the Roman period, whether this is a Roman soldier or Boudicca herself!


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Year 5

Blooming Marvellous!

Summer is approaching, flowers are blooming and lambs are skipping in the fields, giving us the inspiration to study many aspects of plants and animals. We will be growing sunflowers, making field study trips to Robinswood Hill and The Ernest Cook trust in Slimbridge and investigating plants and animals back in the classroom.

Through map work, we will be studying the features of our locality and writing about environmental issues. Our class reader: The Last Wild by Piers Torday, echoes this theme and will be the stimulus for various projects.

We will be thinking about the stage of the human life cycle and linking this to a discussion of changes that may be happening to the children as they approach puberty. Later in the term, parents will be invited to an after school meeting to join in these discussions with their sons and daughters.

In our PE sessions we will be practising our skills in rounders, cricket, tennis and athletics.

All in all, a busy term…let’s hope the sun shines!

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Year 5 Term 3A Overview

Year 6

Although this term is starting very differently to how we would like it to, and how we had planned, we will still aim to deliver as many opportunities for you to learn about our topic as possible. We will start by exploring the life and work of Charles Darwin and comparing how different theories of Evolution developed.  As part of this learning, we will uncover the magic of the Galapagos Islands, and use our writing skills to create a holiday brochure to encourage tourists to visit. Whilst using our geographical skills, we will also explore what makes the Galapagos Islands such a unique environment. Our science learning will also focus on other related topics, including classification of living things and adaptation. We will also study genetics and inheritance, which are always fascinating topics. We will then bring our topic back across the Pacific Ocean, to Gloucester, where we will complete a local history study. This will include studying key events, people and places in Gloucester, and how they contributed to the evolution of Gloucester. We will also study local land use and how it has changed over time. The term will also be very important for your ‘evolution’ as we discuss transition to secondary school and look back at everything you have achieved at Harewood. Let’s hope we’re all back together soon so that we can enjoy your final term with us. Take Care Year 6, we miss you!

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